Keep it 100: Good Riddance Laguardia James


I’m going to keep this short and sweet. I can’t take this anymore, ‘Queen James’ If you want to go New York then skate! My city is tired of the constant disrespect that you show us. First Lebron shows up to an Indians/Yankees game proudly wearing the NY fitted IN CLEVELAND!


Then he throws game 6 of the conference finals against the Magic, two days later he speaks to the press with another damn NY hat on. All he had to was turn the hat backwards, we were already upset because he blew the game and afterwards left Mo Williams to speak for the entire team. Some MVP.

Last night was the stick that broke the camel’s back. After he preached a bunch of bull$*** about how we wont answer anymore free agent questions he steps on the hardwood wearing ‘NY-27’ sneakers celebrating their world series victory.


I know he is a Yankees fan but he doesn’t have to constantly taunt us. Fan or not, Lebron represents the city of Cleveland and personally I want him to leave. The way he is throwing NY in our faces he might as well have already signed the contract. I would rather the Cavs go back to being trash and to be constantly let down and disrespected time-and-time-again by the 2nd best player in the NBA.


GrandaddyDioR…[the real] 216 MVP


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