The Limelight: “Well Damn”- Gucci Going to Jail


Yes, Gucci Mane is going back to jail, again! Reports circulated this afternoon after Gucci Mane appeared before a Fulton County judge in Atlanta, Ga, that Gucci Mane was sentenced to 12 months in jail for parole violation. While Gucci was sentenced for one year, he may only serve up to six months. In 2005 Gucci was charged with the attack of nightclub promoter and sentenced to one year in jail in 2008. Gucci only served a few months and was released this March. This jail sentence could not come at a worse time, as Gucci is at what many consider the height of his career. He has top Billboard singles with the song “Wasted” and his feature on Mario’s “Break Up.” Gucci also has a new album, “The State vs. Radric Davis” slated for December 8th release. On top of that, it seems Gucci was making a turn for the positive as he removed his grill, no longer openly promotes the use of alcohol, and has had some rather insightful interviews – (including the one below with Miss Info discussing his beef with Young Jeezy).


T.I., Lil Wayne, Boosie, now Gucci Mane, all numbers in the system. Hopefully all this jail time turns into some positive influence for the hip-hop community.



By: Sarah J


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  1. Good title lol. Very fitting.

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