In the News: Obama Gets Low

 By: Tiffani Haynes

After traveling to meet with Japanese emperors and bowing before the royal couple, President Barack Obama faces mass criticism for the gesture. This past weekend, Obama met with Emperor Akihito and his wife, shaking hands and bowing deeply to the couple. Both smiled, shook his hand and bowed slightly in return.

Many critics have spoken out and blogged about Obama’s bow and deemed it almost unpatriotic.

“He means to teach Americans to bow before monarchs and tyrants,” said Power Line’s Scott Johnson.

Some considered it to be an unprecedented move that was supposed to be following cultural protocol but ending up offending some Americans, especially since Akihito’s father, Hirohito lead Japan in World War II. Yet, Obama isn’t the first president to bow to a Japanese emperor; in fact Richard Nixon bowed to Hirohito in 1971.

So what do you think? Was he wrong for bowing or simply trying to appreciate their culture? Or does it even matter? Here’s the video. Let us know what you think.


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