Overtime: Poor Little Jack Jack

By: Ronald P. Clark

Captain Jack, oh how you are truly the homie. But homie or not, former Golden State Warriors guard/forward Stephen Jackson just learned a lesson in NBA politics. You better be a household name if you think you’re going to demand a trade, pick what teams you’d like to play for and then actually be traded to one of those teams.

Shaquille O’Neal, Allen Iverson, superstars who were traded in their primes, were traded to teams that could still compete. They had earned the respect of their organizations to the point that the teams ‘honored’ them with being traded to non-cellar dwelling units of basketball players.

As much as Jackson has meant to the Warriors during his tenure, he’s no superstar, they’ve only been to the playoffs once in that time span and he was flanked by former All-Stars Jason Richardson and Baron Davis at the time. With him at the forefront, the Warriors didn’t play defense, scored a whole lot of points but didn’t win many games.

The current state of the Warriors didn’t sit well with Jackson, leading to his demanding a trade. But instead of one of his preferred destinations of Cleveland, a team in Texas or (randomly) the New York Knicks, he gets traded to the Charlotte Bobcats along with Acie Law for Raja Bell and Vladimir Radmonivic. Really? Seriously? Charlotte may be better than the Knicks (so are three middle schoolers, Desagna Diop and an elderly woman) but they aren’t a contender like Jackson wanted.

(Shoutout to Don Nelson who proved he is still a gangsta. But, needed digression.)

He claims he’s happy with the trade despite the Bobs having a losing record, but we all know the truth, Captain Jack. We know you don’t want to join MJ’s assemblage of talent.

But to be honest, a lineup of Raymond Felton, Captain Jack, Gerald Wallace, Boris Diaw and Tyson Chandler with young D.J. Augustin coming off the bench could make things interesting. The East is very top heavy so squeezing into the 8th seed with this new lineup isn’t out of the question.

It all depends on Jack’s mindset upon arrival.

Does he play with a chip on his shoulder and provide the Bobcats with leadership, playmaking, shooting and a much needed boost of testicular fortitude? Or does he act like he doesn’t care and goes with the motions in hopes of getting traded again?

Only time will tell. But one thing is for certain, folks will definitely be watching.


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