In the News: Burgular Warms Up Bottle for Baby

By: Tiffani Haynes

A pair of Indiana burgulars don’t care about breaking and entering but a crying baby tugged at their heart strings. Two armed burgulars broke into an Eastside home, tied up the owners and then began packing up their possessions.

It was only when the baby started crying that one of the burgulars decided to warm up a bottle and allow the 14-year-old to feed him.

Oddly enough the burgulars fled with a computer, TV, game system, cell phones and money. None of the residents were harmed.

Who would have thought? Burgulars with a conscience, well, almost.


1 Comment

  1. ha, that’s funny. They were probably stealin from these folks to feed they own family. smh. Shame.

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