In the News: Teacher Orders Hit on Student

By: Tiffani Haynes

Randolph Forde

Bullying isn’t just among students anymore at this Clayton County, GA school. It seems ongoing disputes between a teacher, Randolph Forde, and his student lead to Forde ordering a hit on the young Mundy’s Mill High School student.

On Oct. 9, Forde pulled another student off the school bus and told the boy he would pay for him to kill the alleged victim. When the boy asked who Forde wanted dead he wrote the alleged victim’s name down on a paper.

Earlier this school year, around Sept. 29, Forde pulled the boy outside the classroom and asked him if he was gay. The next day, the two were involved in a verbal dispute in which Forde told him he would “hit him in the effin’ mouth,” said Terance Madden, attorney for the alleged victim’s family.

According to CNN, “Not only did my client report the verbal altercation and verbal threat to the vice principal of Mundy’s Mill HS, he also reported that Mr. Forde asked him outside the classroom for the inappropriate question of whether he was gay,” the statement said. “Apparently nothing was done by the school administration to either Mr. Forde or my client, because Mr. Forde was back in the classroom on October 1, as was my client.”

Forde has been placed on administrative leave with pay pending investigation.




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