The Limelight: Tatted Up

Lil Wayne was spotted with a new tattoo this weekend, no suprise as he has too many tats to count or remember. This new tat is a collection of stars on the left side of his face. Baby decided to add another tat to his body also, a huge star on the top of his head. I understand tattoo’s are addictive, but at what point are you just inking your body and the tats no longer have meaning?. Not to mention, they’re skin will appear gravely sick in 20 years with all that ink on it. Peep Wayne and Birdman’s new tats below…

If Wayne and Baby’s tats weren’t enough, Young Money is such a powerhouse in the industry now, its influencing fans to go tattoo crazy. A super Nicki Minaj fan got a tattoo on her entire back, showing Minaj in a Wonder Woman costume. Foolery has no limits…


By: Sarah J


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  1. one word: BAFOONERY.

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