Overtime: SMG’s All-Decade Teams

By Melva N. Lloyd (Basketball) and Ronald Clark (Football)

In light of yet another decade coming to a close, it seems as though every major publication is producing its own “Best of…” lists.  Well, StatusMediaGlobal is no different.  Sure, Rolling Stone and Complex Magazine, among others, have released what they consider the best albums/movies/fashion trends/songs of the past decade, but the sports contributors at SMG have decided to shed some light on who we think have been the cream-of-the-crop in the basketball and football worlds.

Each list will consist of All Decade teams; one offense and one defense.  Each team will have a starting five; made up of the top players from 2000-2009 and a bench of seven players. 

Now let’s remember, this isn’t like the All-Star game, players didn’t make this list because we have their pictures plastered on our walls, or we think they’re cute.  Career statistics were taken into consideration and that alone is what qualified them.


Kobe Bryant (Guard, Los Angeles Lakers) – This is pretty self explanatory.  Who else would you want on your team to potentially sink the game-winning shot (as he’s done so many times in his career) or provide veteran leadership both on and off the court?  It’s no secret that Kobe Bean Bryant is the greatest in the league today; you can be an avid Kobe fan or hate his guts but his raw talent is undeniable.  His numbers speak for themselves: 4x NBA champion, league MVP, finals MVP, 11x All-Star, 2x scoring champion, 7x All-NBA First team…the list goes on and on.  He entered the league straight out of high school back in 1996 and 13 years later he’s averaging 28.9 ppg, and recently he’s practically playing with one hand and still putting up 30 points each game.  Kobe Bryant for president.

Steve Nash (Point Guard, Phoenix Suns) What happens when a former soccer player makes a name for himself in the NBA?  You get Steve Nash, one of the fastest and most poised point guards in the league.  He may not have any championship rings but the 2x NBA MVP doesn’t let that cloud his stat sheet.  At first glance, Nash doesn’t look much like a basketball star, but his near perfect vision allows him to make seemingly impossible, circus-like passes.  Having teammates that can finish a play is probably why he averages just over eleven assists per game.


Tim Duncan (Power Forward, San Antonio Spurs) Tim Duncan may not be one of the most exciting basketball players to watch, but he’s arguably one of the best of our time.  Tim Duncan is a student of the game, a textbook example of how basketball should be played.  He is one of the few big men in the league who has an outside shot but is a force to be reckoned with in the paint.  NBA championships?  He’s got four of those.  MVP awards?  Count two for the Wake Forest alum.  All-Star appearances?  Well, let’s just say you need more than one hand to count that.  And to think, he almost became a professional swimmer.

LeBron James (Small Forward, Cleveland Cavaliers) He’s built like a football player, because he used to be one, but has all the talent every aspiring basketball professional hopes for.  At 6’8” LeBron James does it all, and after just six seasons in the league, he’s made an impact on the NBA that some players only dream of.  In 2007, he led his Cavs to their first Eastern Conference appearance in 15 years, playing one of the best games in his career against the Detroit Pistons, eventually eliminating the former champs, and making history once again.  He picked up his first league MVP award in 2009 and in his young career he’s broken more records than most veterans.  Averaging 28.9 ppg, and eight apg easily makes him anyone’s first pick on the playground.  I’ll take the Chosen One please.

Shaquille O’Neal (Center, Cleveland Cavaliers) Let me make this simple: Shaquille O’Neal changed the game of basketball.  Almost 20 years in the league and teams still run the “Hack-a-Shaq” on the most prominent center in the NBA.  His presence in the paint can almost turn a player away for fear that one hit from the Shaq Diesel could send them to the locker room.  Four championship rings later, the thirty-seven year old is making a name for himself in Cleveland where he’s vowed to “win a ring for the King.”  Sure his numbers may have gone down over the years but when you’re a 2x scoring champ and 3x finals MVP, what else do you have to prove?

Honorable Mentions (In no particular order):

  • Jason Kidd
  • Tony Parker
  • Dwyane Wade
  • Kevin Garnett
  • Allen Iverson
  • Dirk Nowitzki
  • Yao Ming

SMG’s Best & Worst Fashion Trends of the Decade

By: Tiffani Haynes and Melva N. Lloyd

This has been a hell of a decade, from political to pop culture, yet the fashion world has played it’s part too. We’ve seen some great fashion trends come and we’ve watched some horrible ones go.

Here are the decade’s fashion trends according to SMG.

Leggings – Let’s be honest, leggings can only be one of two things: your best friend or your worst enemy.  Sure, there are basic leggings that are meant for lounging purposes, maybe you can pair them with a nice cardigan; but whoever the genius (and I use that term loosely) was who decided to incorporate animal prints and geometric shapes onto the spandex style pants should lose their job. 

Grillz – Nelly may have turned the idea of silver and gold mouth-wear into a hit song but that didn’t make it ok for everyone to flaunt.  Rappers decided that the idea of “blinged out braces” made their music videos/lifestyle more appealing, but in all actuality it only impaired their speech and made them look down right silly. 

Jersey Dresses – There are reasons why men and women don’t wear the same clothes.  Back when jerseys of your favorite NBA team were the thing to have, you either wore them a size too big or you didn’t wear them at all.  But then a new phenomenon came about and the jersey dress was born.  Who could forget Mya’s UNC jersey dress that she wore in her Best of Me (Remix) video?  We all wanted one, but never had the guts to actually buy one…thank God.

Velour Suits – By the year 2000 J Lo and Diddy took a horrible fabric and capitalized on it.  I don’t know what the fascination was with the extra baggy/too tight sportswear but for a while it seems as though everyone swore by it.  They seemed comfortable, but if you spilled as much as a drop of water on the suit, it dried up in a heartbeat and the stain that was left behind looked more like a burn.  So what was the point?

Urban Wear – Remember FuBu?  Enyce?  Ecko Red?  Yea I try to forget them too.  Sagging jeans, bandanas, custom football jerseys (cough.FuBu.cough) are a thing of the past…at least I hope they are.  And let’s not forget du-rags underneath the fitted baseball caps, Nike sweat bands paired with everyday attire…need I go on?  Unless these brands of urban wear choose to grow just as the fashion trends are, I suggest we leave it all behind.


Baby Doll Dresses– The baby doll dress came on the scene and what seemed like a maternity look with it’s high under-the-cleavage waist line became the summer dress for everyone. From the short baby doll dress that stopped above the knee to the long maxi dress that touched the floor, the baby doll look was in. The dresses came in these bright, fabulous colors with every print and flower pattern imaginable. They were simple, cute and kept you cool…they were a must for every girl’s summer wardrobe.

Graphic TeesWhile Ed Hardy might have made a business out of the graphic tee, they popped up on everyone and everywhere in all styles, colors and brands. There was a time when a graphic tee, some jeans and a pair of sandals (sneakers for the fellas) was a great out and about outfit. From political statements to repping a brand name, everybody had something plastered across their chest. Remember the “Jesus is My Homeboy” shirts? Even the good Lord made his T-shirt debut.

UggsThese chunky, comfy boots have managed to sneak their way into every closet. Doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a short denim skirt, leggings, jeans or a dress, Ugg boots have been paired with them all. It also doesn’t matter the weather. Wear them in sunny Cali, hop a plane and fit right in the cold Empire State, they’re just that damn good. Ugg was created in Australia, an ironic place for such a warm boot, well a boot period. Yet they adjust to your body temperature, so they’re great in any weather. Uggs are like great bras, they change lives.

Hats Hats, of all kind, made a huge leap into the fashion world in the 2000s. At one point it was the trucker hat, with Ashton Kutcher as almost a spokesperson for the cap. You were hard pressed to find that man without a trucker hat on for a while. Von Dutch even made them popular for everybody. That company took the trucker hat phase and ran with it. Then there was that horrid period where everybody wanted to be a cowgirl/cowboy. There were cowboy hats and boots galore. And yes, black people wore them too. Don’t believe me? Nelly’s “E.I.” and Destiny Child’s “Bootylicious” are evidence enough.

Skinny JeansYet few fashion trends have changed the dynamic of clothing as much as the skinny jean. Those skin-tight denim deathtraps are seen on everyone, young and old, men and women alike. On the right body type, skinny jeans maximize curves, show off the booty and just plain look good. Again, on the right body. But these days, everybody’s finding them to fit their body type. And they aren’t just blue or black either, neon-colored skinny jeans took over for a minute. Just about everybody had a pair. Even men. There’s not a performance you won’t catch Lil Wayne in a pair of skinny jeans, even the teenage-group New Boyz came out with an album about them. Skinny jeans are the new jean. Come out with a pair of boot cut or (God forbid) flare jeans if you want to, you’ll be ridiculed.

The Rumor Mill: Is Whitney Back On The White?

by: Randi M.

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I love that Whitney Houston is making a comeback, and I hope the rumors circling the ‘net are not true. We all know Houston has had a battle with drugs in the past, and she definitely got clean before she busted back on the scene this year. Now it is being said that a “source” close to the singer is worried because of Houston’s behavior lately. According to CelebrityGossip.net, the source claims:

“Everyone is worried about her… Whitney seems to go from being a nervous wreck to being completely out of it in a short period of time — just like she did when she was freebasing and using crack cocaine. She is still drinking and with Whitney, alcohol and drugs have always gone hand-in-hand. She’s worked so hard to get back on top. It would be tragic for it to go up in smoke because she can’t stay clean.”

Wishing for the best for Ms. Whitney.

The Rumor Mill: Kourtney K Ready For Another Kardashian

by: Randi M.

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A new little Kardashian, Mason, entered the world on Dec. 14th. And mommy Kourtney says she is already looking forward to the next one.

 “Right now I’m obsessed with Mason and want to give him all my time. But being with him has definitely made me think about having another one!”

Kourt claims her and Kim were inseparable growing up due to their closeness in age and wants baby Mason to have the same.  As a fan of the show, I am eager to see how Scott handles fatherhood. Maybe he won’t get on my nerves as much. Tell SMG what you think.


The Limelight: Beyonce’s Fragrance Commercial

by: Randi M.

Check out the commercial for Beyonce’s new perfume, Heat.

The Limelight: MJ’s “Thriller” Will Be Preserved

by: Randi M.

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Only 25 films were chosen to be preserved in the 2009 National Film Registry of the Library of Congress. And Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video, directed by John Landis,  made the cut. This is the first music video to be preserved in the registry. The library currently holds 525 films. Pieces are chosen based on their impact on U.S. culture. Congrats to the late Mr. Jackson. Check out the full “Thriller” video below.

The Limelight: PETA’s Woman & Man of the Year

by: Randi M.

The animal advocate organization of PETA announced their honors of Woman of the Year and Man of the Year. Talk show host Ellen Degeneres and Fashion Guru Tim Gunn received the honors. PETA will present the honorees with a plaque and a letter of appreciation. Congrats!

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