In the News: Obama to Accept Nobel Peace Prize Tomorrow

By: Tiffani Haynes

On Thursday, President Obama will receive the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, Germany. According to the Associated Press, White House officials say the President will be catching an overnight flight to accept the award during the ceremony and banquet.

Obama will address his plan for the war and his meaning of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Obama won the award in October and faced criticism for receiving such a peace advocacy award, especially since he’s announced he’ll be sending 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan soon. He will address his plans for the war during his acceptance speech.

Even Obama was surprised by the honor and said he considers it a call to duty. During a speech Obama spoke of the Prize symbolizing all the hard work that lies ahead.

According to the AP, “‘The president understands and again will also recognize that he doesn’t belong in the same discussion as Mandela and Mother Teresa,’ White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said while discussing the president’s speech Wednesday.”

Obama will be traveling with his wife Michelle; sister Maya Soetoro-Ng and her husband Konrad; friend Eric Whitaker and his wife Cheryl; and friend Marty Nesbitt and his wife Anita. The Obama girls will not be in attendance.

The Obama’s short trip will end on Friday; they’ll be flying back before the concert held in his honor takes place.

As a recipient of the award, Obama will receive a $1.4 million prize that White House Officials state will be donated to various charities.


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