In the News: Young Entrepreneur Turns Pot Into Profit

La Veta, Colorado – Entrepreneur Jason Irwin is all about ‘going green’. Irwin is the owner of Highland Health, a dispensary where state certified patients can legally buy marijuana, located in Denver. His mother, Diane Irwin, loaned him $10,000 to start his business following the sale of her hair salon. CNN reports, in 2008 Irwin received state approval to open his business and in March he obtained his own patient card after a car accident. Business is booming for Irwin, he has about 200 regular patients and another 500 that come in periodically. He employs four ‘bud tenders’ and generates a gross income of about $5,000 a day. Irwin owns 37 acres of land in rural Colorado and paid $3,000 for two greenhouses along with growing supplies. Colorado is one of fourteen states to legalize the use of marijuana for medical purposes.

GrandaddyDioR…living the ‘high’ life


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  1. Canada alread has federally-sanctioned government approval for medical marijuana for patients with cancer. I don’t know about pain and other disease. I sure which I was able to use it. You have to get a patient card as a user? I don’t know how that would work here in Canada, however, I applaud the obvious answer to chronic pain when nothing else works.
    I read some in Colorado who don’t like this idea, well….if they don’t llike it, too bad. People who don’t like thinking outside “the box” …they can’t handle change or difference. They’ll find something wrong with doing something positive and to Diane and Jason Irwin, I say, good for you both! Your hearts are in the right place….helping other so, I wouldn’t care all that much about what the naysayers think.

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