SMG’s Wish List: Barbie Power Wheels Convertible

By: Aisha Brown

Photo courtesy of

If the hands of time were rewind  fifteen years ago Barbie Power Wheels Convertible would’ve been at the top of my Christmas list. The summer of  ’94 was when I first laid eyes on my cousin’s mini convertible sitting alone in the garage. The pink, sparkly life-size car captured my attention and I knew I had to have it.  After countless arguments with my cousin on who’s turn to drive, I knew it was time for my own. Being from the city, I would imagine myself cruising along the city streets, honking the horn at side street walkers with a friend in the passenger seat, pretending to be listening to music.

The following Christmas, I was looking forward to seeing my convertible with a big bow waiting for me under the tree, but to my disappointment it wasn’t there.  My mother later explained to me the toy was entirely too big for our apartment and Santa couldn’t find a place to store it. My dreams were crushed and until this day the little girl inside me still wants one.

With Christmas quickly approaching the Power Wheels Convertible is the perfect gift for a little princess. The convertible comes fully equipped with size view mirrors, a pretend radio, beeping horn, engine sounds, cup holders and a sleek design to match.  The real driving fun is one experience a child will never forget.

For more information on Barbie Power Wheels Convertible please visit:


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