SMG’s Wish List: Addy, the American Girl

By: Tiffani Haynes

I thought about a million things I’ve always wanted for Christmas, and while many came to mind, none ranked higher than the Addy, the American Girl doll.

Yes, I said it. A doll. If I opened a gift on Thursday and that little mocha-complexioned doll with her Civil War-era clothes waslooking back at me, I’d be more than happy. I’ve always wanted that doll.

The Addy doll is modeled after Addy Walker, the American Girl. She’s the fifth member in the American Girl series and the only African-American in it. Addy’s story of escaping slavery, leaving her infant sister behind, traveling the Underground Railroad, finding freedom, learning to read and meeting new friends was captivating. Of course all that didn’t happen in the first book but throughout the several books, you couldn’t help but fall in love with Addy’s story.

Simply put, I loved that little post-slavery, pre-perm little girl. She wasn’t the most stylish or hippest thing out, but hell, she was living and learning during the 1800s. And I loved the story for it. I had all the books and magazines, only thing I was missing was the Addy doll.

Bump Barbie, Addy was the It doll for me.

Check out the American Girl site to buy the Addy books, doll and accessories:


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