SMG’s Wish List: Amazon’s Original Wireless Reading Device, Kindle

by: Randi M.

Click image for source.

If you like to read but get tired of carrying books all of the time, then this device is for you. Amazon has created an electronic reading device that allows you to download books called the Kindle Reader. With the high-resolution screen, it looks like you are reading right from the pages of a book. And it only weighs 10.3 ounces, which is perfect for people that are on the go. No cords or cables are needed to download books, because everything is synced wirelessly. There are over 650,000 books to choose from, and the device holds up to 200 titles. Amazon even allows you to download the first few chapters for free to decide if you really want the book. Now this reading device runs about $259.00.  And it has a long lasting battery life. Documents can also be emailed to your Kindle Reader for on-the-go convenience. I know this sounds a little like an advertisement, but I really want this item. I am a big book reader, and this is a great gift for anyone.


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