In the News: Man Sets off Bomb Aboard Plane

By: Tiffani Haynes

The 278-passenger Northwest Airlines flight (Delta airplane) got an unpleasant surprise on Christmas morning–a fellow passenger attempted a terrorist act by setting off a bomb. Passengers said the bomb sounded like a firecracker, including smoke.

Photo Courtesy of the Associated Press

Nigerian passenger Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab insisted he was acting on Al-Qaida instructions when he detonated the bomb 20 minutes before the flight landed at the Detroit Metro Airport. A fellow passenger instinctly climbed over others to subdue Mutallab. While the brave man suffered minor injuries he, along with the other passengers, were fine and considered safe.

Authorities were alerted and waiting at the airport upon the plane’s arrival. Officials have decided to increase flight and airport security measures though no one has explained the measures that will be taken. Also, President Barack Obama was alerted while spending the holidays with his family in Hawaii. The Commander-in-Chief said he believed the incident was terrorist-related though a full investigation has yet to be conducted.


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