Status Release: 1/5/2010

By: Tiffani Haynes

Tuesdays are always a big day for the music industry. It’s the day that most artists release their latest body of work. From pop to country to rap, SMG has them all. Here are the artists and their releases for today, Jan. 5, 2010:

Flying Lotus-DJ Kicks: This new album was released as apart of the DJ Kicks compilation and was produced by Lotus, the brainchild behind the Brainfeeder label. This hip hop album has features from previous MySpace tunes and new music.

Ke$ha-Animal: This blonde-haired, tough as nails young lady will be hitting the talk show circuit this week to promote her new Animal album. Her single, “TiK ToK” has been climbing up the iTunes charts for a while now.

Katherine McPhee-Unbroken: The former American Idol is affirming she’s ‘Unbroken’ today with her 13-track album of most ballads. McPhee co-work half of the album and seems to be coming into her own with this album.

The Octagon-Warm Love and Cool Dreams Forever: The rock and roll band has come up with the formula for ‘Warm Love and Cool Dreams Forever’ with its latest project. The young band addresses everything from growing older to the perfection of the world and of course, love.

Kanye West-VH1  Storyteller: The College Droput’s latest DVD of live performances is available today. The deluxe CD/DVD combo features interviews and performances from his February VH1 Storyteller episode. West’s label considers the CD/DVD combo as the follow-up to Ye’s 808s and Heartbreak.


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