Today in History

by A.J. Washington 

It’s time for class kids! Maybe nothing life-changing has happened to you today, but there are few things in the past that have changed our lives: 

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January 6, 2001- George W. Bush is officially declared winner of the 2000 presidential election. You remember the chads and absentee drama going on in Florida ( the state Bush’s brother was governor of, no less). We had NO idea what we were in for. 

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January 6, 1968- Director/producer/screenwriter John Singleton was born in Los Angeles, California. Singleton has worked on some of the most successful and infamous movies in black culture including: Boys in the Hood, Baby Boy, Poetic Justice, Rosewood and Hustle & Flow. 

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January, 6 1838- The telegraph was first demonstrated in public. For those of you who don’t know what a telegraph is, it was the first means of wired communication, by way of coded messages. The idea is similar to text messaging today, and where would the world be without that? 

Don’t you want to do something worthy of being written about? Make it happen, TODAY. 



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