America Has OD’d On Reality TV

By Danielle Canada

American television has evolved drastically through its years of existence. At first there was no sound, no color, just images displayed on a screen. Following that it evolved again, adding audio and visuals with color…to make it more entertaining, but if we compare television today to television of the past, one thing that’ becoming more and more eminent is this;


Okay, SUCKS is a strong word…so let’s just say it’s lacking.

Music television network no longer shows music videos except in the wee hours of the morning.

Virtually all television series today are redundant and unoriginal.

Whether it’s True Blood and Vampire Diaries or CSI and Law & Order (No knock because SVU is AMAZING!)

They’re all pretty much the same.

What’s TV’s main problem?


Reality TV is everywhere.

As much as I can sit back and enjoy a good reality show, it’s safe to say that we as a country have O-D’ed on reality TV. It’s virtually impossible not to watch unscripted TV because it’s so accessible and available on so many networks like ABC, MTV, VH1, TLC, Oxygen, A&E, Lifetime and my personal favorite (:::side eye:::) BET.

BET murdered the reality TV realm when they opened up the flood gates of oppression with Tiny and Toya, the babymomma show about babymommas who do……well…..nothing.

Can’t say I didn’t watch because, hell, it’s fascinating to watch T.I.’s little piglet do astounding things like talk about TIP….followed by when she’d go visit her mother’s house and talk about TIP, right after she got done comforting Toya by what? Talking about Tip.

Such a strong message for my independent Black women. :-/

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, they gave Keyshia Cole’s “Mamma Nem” a show in the form of Frankie and Neffe. Why are we enabling Frankie’s obvious love affair with crack cocaine by paying her money to act a fool on television.

Furthermore, who said I wanted to watch the Black version of octo-mom with Neffe and Soullow poppin out babies out of wedlock like its normal. I can honestly say I couldn’t bare to watch that train wreck, I turned it off halfway through the first episode.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I’d be re missed if I forgot their sister station VH1, with their Flavor of Love, Real Chance of Love,  I Love New York, I Love To Eat, I Love Chicago, I Love To Eat Chicago….okay, I’m kidding, but still. Frank “The Entertainer” has a show and so does Fantasia. :::blank stare:::

It’s getting ridiculous.

Forget this writing business. I’m gonna be on the next season of Real Housewives ATL.  Shoot, I wanna be nominated for an Image award too.

Who gone’ check me boo?



  1. speaking truth…Thank You!!!!! reality tv has killed tv, and ruining any chances left of blacks receiving a positive sitcom/show.

  2. Reality TV is okay by me. And lets not be confused. Reality TV is about as real as Vivica Fox’s new lips, Pamela Anderson’s boobs and Fox News’ desire to be fair and balanced. Reality TV is a soap opera for cable TV. Enjoy it. I suggest “For the Love of Ray J”.

  3. Come on! Reality TV is great. Lets not focus on BET Reality shows for two secs. Most all other Reality TV is semi scripted (either in script or by virtue of editing) and not actual “reality”. Aside from that, its a great distraction from life as it truly is. My favorite is “For the Love of Ray J”. Never use BET as a bench mark for “amazing” programing and just enjoy it for what it is. The Modern Day Cable soap opera.

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