In the News: $1000 iPhone App Preps for Bar Exam

By: Tiffani Haynes

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Apple has developed an app that many are believing just might be worth the $1,000 price tag. Or excuse me, $999.99 to be exact.

According to the Washington Post, BarMax CA, the 1 gigabyte app,  helps aspiring lawyers study for the bar exam by providing 2 months worth of hundreds of hour  audio lectures and thousands of pages of material. The two-month long course also provides paperwork that’s downloaded to your iPhone. BarMax is similar to BarBri, the company that offers test prep retailing at $3,000. BarBri also sends coursework and prep tools to iPhones but you have to purchase the pricey package first.

BarMax CA has been made specifically for the California bar exam but Apple hopes to have apps for other major cities by 2011. Each app will still hold the same price but vary with the multiple choice questions geared towards each state. There’ll also be an app available just for the multiple choice section for $500.

What do you think? Worth the big bucks?


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