The Limelight: Bad Girls Club.. Are You A Fan?

by: Randi M.

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This season of Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club is one the most popular shows on television. Most of the SMG staff watch the show every week faithfully, and tonight will be no different [#twitterparty]. Lately, there has been an overload of reality shows on TV, but people can’t get enough of the Bad Girls. Fans may love it for the fights, the attractive girls, or to see if Kendra’s weave will be any better. Either way the show (and Natalie’s chin) stay trending topics on Twitter every Tuesday night. It seems like there is fight every episode. Last week was the peak, when Flo grabbed Amber and slung her to the ground by her hair, then gave an academy performance to convince Amber to let her stay. And I am still wondering why Annie is even there.

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Check out the preview of tonight’s episode of the Bad Girls Club, where former enemies Kate and Natalie become BFF’s, but Natalie’s flunky, Kendra, isn’t letting Kate take her place. The new episode airs tonight on Oxygen at 10 p.m. est/ 9 p.m. c. Comment and let us know which Bad Girl is your fave!


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