The Limelight: Rihanna, Rihanna…Rih-a-nna

By Ben C.

GQ Magazine recently released some photos from photographer Michael Thompson’s photo shoot with hit R&B Pop artist Rihanna. These five photos can be described with one word: Amazing.

Rihanna is showing some skin and did a good job of looking like the sexy artist that she is. Despite this, there is an issue that should be of some concern to the gentleman who fancy themselves an admirer of Rihanna or any other wonderfully put together woman of fame and fortune.

We see these photos released of woman on our “top 5 lists” and think of how amazing they look. Looking at these pictures, you have to ask the question. Are there women to be found in the real world that look anywhere as good as Rihanna? One that I could have and take as my very own?

Sure, you see a gorgeous woman walk by from time to time, but where, aside from in the land of the rich and famous, do the Halle Berrys, Rihannas and Scarlett Johanssons of the world actually reside? If anyone knows, please point me in the right direction. I’ll be purchasing my plane ticket the following day.



  1. Ben I know where the sexy ladies reside…HAMPTON UNIVERSITY

  2. There are plenty of women that look just as good if not better than Halle, Scarlett, and Rihanna, the sad thing is without the make-up and hair team Halle, Scarlett, and Rihanna don’t look as good as you think they do!

  3. Any female can look as good as Rihanna with a make-up and hair professional at their beck and call!! Your everyday mediocre chick is your “Rihanna” or “Halle Berry” if they put in the extra effort. Just look around you. Most girls have a lot of potential but spend more time on the greatness thats within rather then their outside apperance!

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