In The News: Apple Introduces the iPad……yeah, iPad

Apple iPadBy: Julian Ross

After existing exclusively in the rumor mill, Apple Inc. announced its heavily anticipated tablet device this afternoon (Jan 27th, 2010). The internet had been on fire about this secret device for the past few weeks, as enthusiasts tried to guess everything from the size of the device to its name. iTablet, Apple Tablet and iSlate were all given as possible names of the new gadget, based on trademarks and domains Apple had registered. Today the veil was lifted from the iPad.

Yeah, I know… iPad. WTF?

You’d think with the ludicrous amounts of money Apple makes each quarter ($3.38 Billion in profits in Q1) that they could pay someone to come up with a better name than iPad. Almost instantly, twitter filled with jokes at the devices expense, many saying the name reminded them of a “feminine hygiene product“. LOL! Did they really not have ANYTHING better? Geez….

Anyways, on to the iPad itself.

Apple describes the iPad as “Our most advanced technology in a magical and revolutionary device.” Apple Inc. CEO and founder , Steve Jobs, describes it’s target market as between a smart phone (iPhones) and full fledged laptops. Basically, the thing is a giant souped-up iPod Touch. It boasts a 9.7″ screen (compared to the iPod Touch’s 3.5″ screen) and weighs in at about 1.5lbs. It is capable of running all of the apps that iPhone and iPod Touch users have come to love, and makes use of a newly designed processor to drive the more intensive applications that will become available. The iPad also features versions of iPhoto and iTunes and a powerful E-reader application that will really give the Amazon Kindle a run for its overpriced money.It has built-in speakers as well as a microphone, however; is curiously missing a camera of any kind. As far as connectivity, the iPad has the latest and greatest wireless technology, Bluetooth, and an optional 3G antenna (with service through AT&T)

Now to the fun part, price. Apple is really proud that they will be able to set the iPad starting price at $499. I’ll let you decide if that is a deal, but many analyst predicted the tablet to sell for $1000+. Opting for a 3G enabled iPad will costan additional $130 on top of the base price for the respective model.Personally, I was a little underwhelmed by the iPad, which could be a product of believing too many internet rumors, but by the end, Jobs had again convinced me that I wanted this thing. Even if I couldn’t think of a situation where I would really use it. The iPad is too big to slip into a pocket, meaning I would have to carry it in a bag of sorts. At the point where I have to carry a bag, why not just bring my more powerful laptop? Not to mention, I don’t find $500 for a big 16gb iPod Touch affordable by any means,and paying a $130 premium to tack a 3G radio on is retarded. However, being the gadget geek I am, I want one…bad! But I will not be purchasing one. Sorry Mr. Jobs. I’m sure there are enough fanboys who will “buy anything that’s shiny and made by Apple.

Apple will ship all the iPads in 60 days—the end of March—to America.

In depth review – Gizmodo iPad Review



  1. Nice article!
    Yeah they really needed to think about that name just a little bit more. iPad? The comments on twitter earlier today bashing the name were ABSOLUTELY hilarious!! But I must admit, it does look pretty cool. Still not going to drop $500 for it but still pretty cool.

  2. Good article.

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