Keep It 100: Enjoy it While it Lasts

By: Kandace Barré

Why do we enter into a situation knowing that in a few months the situation will have to change due to circumstances?  Our thirst for fulfillment and companionship makes us initiate things that we should’ve never begun in the first place.  So what happens?  You find yourself involved in a situation that’s difficult to turn away from.  You’re constantly fighting feelings because you’re afraid of “that day” when things will change: graduation, relocation, or some other life-altering occurrence. I’ve realized that it’s best not to fight your feelings.  They’ll end up winning in the end regardless of what you do anyway.  Just give in and enjoy the ride while it lasts.  You never know what may become of it in the long-run.

What do you think?


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  1. I’m currently doing this as we speak. Let the good times roll

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