Status Release: Rebirth, Concrete Jungle And Dear John

By Danielle Canada

What’s hitting the stores and theaters this week…

Lil Wayne “Rebirth”

Lil Wayne is finally releasing his “rock” debut, an album filled with vocals from his babymomma in waiting Shanell and Onika “Nicki” Mirage. While he has a dream team of producers including Cool & Dre, Infamous, DJ Nasty, J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, and Chase N. Cashe my standards for Rebirth are set pretty low.

A press release describes it saying…..

“With the release of the Rebirth, Lil Wayne challenges himself by taking his music to the next plateau. “I have evolved both lyrically and musically as an artist and I want everyone to hear my growing pains,” he says. “This is probably my best work yet.”

I have two problems with this….

A.)   That’s a lie, I know for a fact Wayne didn’t say that. (lol)


B.)    If this is his best work yet then we’re all in trouble

Unfortunately for Wayne I’m sure it will be an #EpicFail when you factor in poor promotion and a gimmick…the man can’t even REALLY play guitar.

But I know some dedicated Wayne heads can’t wait to buy it. (#ClapForEm) ENJOY.

Nneka “Concrete Jungle”

Nneka is not the girl that went to Hampton (shouts out tho), she’s actually a singer described as blend of Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu and Alicia Keys.

This woman of Nigerian/German descent actually has a decent buzz surrounding her name.

Nathan S. of describes her Concrete Jungle saying,

“My real fear here is that I’ll end this review either failing to communicate how truly impressive Concrete Jungle is, or allowing people to dismiss it as something nice but not something they’d listen to, so let me be clear. Music, good music, has a universal quality that transcends any language or preference, and Concrete Jungle embodies this universality better than any album in recent memory. Act accordingly.”

I hear her music’s pretty good so if you’re a Lauryn Hill or Erykah Badu stan, this might be the album to buy.

For a preview check out her video for “The Uncomfortable Truth”

In the Movies:

“Dear John”

Dear John looks to be a promising movie about summer love that turns into something deeper. The climax of the movie is when John played by Tanning Chatum (Yum)  has to leave Savannah played be Amanda Seyfried. Forced apart by distance the two lovers must keep in contact by a stream of love letters.

While every time I see Amanda on screen I can’t shake memories of her playing Karen on Mean Girls (“If you’re from Africa, then why are you white?!)  I hear she gives a stellar performance.

Based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks this movie looks like an ideal chick flick to drag a date to or one to enjoy with your girls.

Just make sure you bring tissue ladies, I hear it’s a tear-jerker.

Dear John hits theaters Friday.


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