Status Release: Sade, Yeasayer, Jaheim, Massive Attack

By: Tiffani Haynes

SMG always keeps you the up-to-date info on new music releases and today is no different. Here are just a few artists with projects coming out today.

Sade-Soldier of Love: First things first, Sade is back. Yes, the R and B/Neo Soul world is breathing a sigh of relief. The smooth-voiced, melodic soulstress who took a 10-year hiatus is back, with fans excited and still as loyal as ever. Sade’s single, “Soldier of Love,” gave all the Sade lovers a glimpse of the album’s content, classic Sade goodness. With her sixth studio album, Sade has done it again. Enjoy soul music lovers…

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Yeasayer-Odd Blood: The avant-pop group (Anand Wilder, Chris Keating and Ira Wolf Tuton) have done it again. With their latest project, Odd Blood, they have createed what some are speculating to be up for Album of the Year. There’s an ecletic mix of sounds and songs that are featured on Blood, which is evident just from the group’s first single “Ampling Amp.” The trio sat down with MTV to discuss their thoughts on each record. To read about what went into making Odd Blood, check out

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Jaheim-Another Round: It’s simple, Jaheim is back for Another Round. The album is sure to be filled with some of the R and B artist’s signature love ballads. His single, “Aint Leavin Without You” was leaked a couple of months ago and has been floating through the Internet since.

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Massive Attack-Heligoland:  The electronica/rock band has filled its latest project with intense, heavy records. One critic even called it funeral music. Yet whether you want to bury someone or jump for joy, Massive Attack has produced yet another interesting piece of work to add to the collection.

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