Status Releases: Revenge, Jigs, Hair and Jazz


 By A.J. Washington

So check it, this week, the new DVD releases are  bit more mainstream than the music, but, we at SMG pride ourselves on being a well-rounded blog- hence: Inform. Educate. Entertain.  So let’s get to it.

Law Abiding Citizen:  This movie stars incredible actors Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx. Butler plays a man whose family is killed during a home invasion. As the prosecuter, Foxx makes a deal with one of the invaders, while the other is sentenced to death. Ten years later, after the thief has served the time layed-out in the deal, he winds up dead. Gerard Butler’s character then ensues on a track to avenge the death of his wife and daughter.


Genuine Negro Jig: When I saw this album title from Carolina Chocolate Drops, I was a bit confused and had no idea what to expect. This album takes ‘negro jigs’ or songs blacks sang at the turn of the 20th century. The trio gives the music that defined and chronicled that time period in the American history a small taste of today’s culture, but still keeps the message and strong banjo and African influences. Check it out for a step into black history!

Good Hair: This documentary had the black and (white) world abuzz last fall when it was released in theaters. What is good hair? Why do some black women sit for hours and hours just  to get longer hair (like I did yesterday)? What is creamy crack? Check out Good Hair to find out the answers to these questions and so much more.


Cone and T-Staff: We can’t listen to rap music forever (can we)? In preparation for when the day comes, pick this album up from Wycliffe Gordon. It’s everything you need for a night of relaxation or contemplating your next power move — blues, jazz and the classics. So check it and get your grown on.


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