Friday Feature: Sexting… Fun or Fatal?

by: Randi M.

According to the definition of Sexting is sexually explicit images distributed through cell phones or similar electronic devices. The definition is so simple, yet the consequences can change your life. People today are sending naked images of their bodies to their boyfriends or girlfriends in hope that these things to stay intimate. While some pics remain private, most images make their way to another cell phone from someone pushing “send.”

On Valentine’s Day, MTV showed a special on the effects this issue, while focusing on a victim of sexting and the consequences of the sender.

Vodpod videos no longer available.
more about “‘Sexting In America: When Privates Go…“, posted with vodpod

The humiliation from these images being leaked is great, and has even led to people committing suicide. Just a few months ago, the second known case of sexting that led to suicide was reported. It was said that a young teen girl hung herself because of the bullying she received when she sent a topless photo to a fellow male student. Story

Sexting laws vary from state to state. Offenders could be charged with child pornography and register in the state’s sex registry.

It may seem like all fun and games in the moment, but is it really worth the chance of everyone seeing all of your goodies? Think about it.

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  1. There was a similar story linked on Gizmodo before V-Day, as well as a How-to. lol


  2. Nice post! I really like your posting.
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