In the News: President Obama’s Push For Healthcare Reform

By Christopher Swails

President Obama’s battle for health care reform continues. This morning the White House published Obama’s health care proposal online. According to, “the proposal will make health care more affordable, make health insurers more accountable, expand health coverage to all Americans, and make the health system sustainable, stabilizing family budgets, the Federal budget, and the economy”.

The proposal seeks to bridge the gap between bills passed by the Senate and House of Representatives. If signed into law this plan will provide coverage to over 31 Americans by increasing federal subsidies to help people buy insurance and give the government the authority to stop soaring health insurance rates. President Obama’s plan does not include the highly controversial public option and the revision to exempt Midwestern states from paying increased Medicaid rates. White House officials state that Obama’s plan will cut the national deficit by $100 billion over the next 10 years. They estimate a $950 billion price tag on the bill over the next decade.

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