Friday Feature: The Other Side of The Ring

By Chris Swails

Some short weeks ago, my highly intelligent and educated female counterparts decided to touch base on the big ‘M’ word, yes marriage. The problem is that there was no male present to provide an alternate opinion, so here it is. I want to let you know up front that a few of you are going to be upset by the end of this story. Since there is  no real way for me to introduce my thoughts I let will just spill them, here goes…

Lets start off by addressing this misconception that men supposedly buy time, what exactly does that mean? News flash ladies, if he’s not willing to make you the one, it’s probably because you’re not! Age is not a factor in a man’s decision to make you his centerpiece. I know that’s a hard pill to swallow but get over it, move on and stop holding on to n!99@$ that don’t really want you!

Next item of business, ladies why do you feel the need to plan your life out? There is only one time-line in this world and that’s GOD’s. Yeah I know your all hyped up because your BFF jumped the broom at 22, but they will be DIVORCED by 23 so whats the point? Besides, at 22 a man doesn’t know himself yet, he is in the process of trying to figure out who the hell he is. What’s the rush?

Lastly, let me speak on this so-called ‘successful Black woman syndrome’. The reason why theses 30+ year old workaholics don’t have a companion is because in your 20’s you were too damn busy and picky to notice what was right under your nose. In your 20s , you were more concerned about a guys height rather than his integrity. Besides that, your life doesn’t have balance because you spend the majority of your time focused on your profession, therefore you miss out.

And for those who still give it up on the first night, need I say more?

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  1. Okay Mr Swails. Take a deep breath and step away… Slowly, from the “truth machine”.

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