Friday Feature: The Most Powerful Debuts

By Chris Swails

With Drake’s year of domination in the books and Thank Me Later due this month, I felt the need to analyze the most groundbreaking debuts of the past decade. Namely the debuts of: Fifty, Kanye and The Snowman.

What can I say about 50 Cent? He is the man that turned 9 bullets into 13 million albums sold worldwide. His February debut, Get Rich Or Die Tryin‘ was a ‘new classic’ that had everybody thinking they’re a gangsta or a rapper or both. The thing about 50 was, you believed him! He had the image, record and the bullet-wounds to prove it. The most critical piece to include about Fifty’s debut was the way that he ended the Murder Inc reign. Ja-Rule wasn’t the only one to feel Fifty’s rath, we haven’t heard anything ‘good-good’ from Ashanti in years. Get rich or die tryin’ eventually become a movie, notably a movie that was better than Notorious, I blame Diddy. Fifty’s debut gave him a platform to make power moves, the most eminent was the Formula-50 vitamin water deal worth $100 million.

Lets take a trip back to 2004, the U.S. was on a manhunt for Saddam, Bush cheated his way into a second term and most of us were in high school hating our parents. However, 2004 was a triumphant for then new artist Kanye West, His debut album College Dropout was released in February, little did Kanye know, the album would go triple platinum. Do you remember how many singles he had? Let me run them down: Through the Wire, Jesus Walks, All Falls Down, Workout Plan and Slow Jams. If that wasn’t a recipe for success then what is? By 2010 Kanye has recorded a total of 4 studio albums, won numerous awards, bad-mouthed a President, picked up a Nike/Louie shoe deal, abused the autotune ,fell in love with baldy AND entered rehab all in six years. Not to mention he made Taylor Swift famous…just keepin’ it 100.

The summer of 2005 belonged to one artist, Young Jeezy the Snowman. Thug Motivation 101, released in July had the world yelling ‘Trap or Die’, even the kids in the suburbs. The album achieved platinum success and put Jeezy on the scene as one of the hottest acts in the game. Pay attention, this is how you know your big, when schools around the country ban your t-shirts. All the publicity did was influence Jeezy to work harder, since 2005 Jeezy has released 3 studio albums and several mixtapes. His fourth album, Thug Motivation 103 is scheduled to be released this year. With the success he has attained in 5 short years one thing holds true, you can’t ban the Snowman!

What will Drake’s debut do for his career? We will all be waiting in mist to find out.

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