SMG Artist of the Month: ReKaSte

Official Bio:

As the chefs behind Jambalaya’s eclectic sound, ReKaSte was formed by group members, Leaveil “Recipe” Armstrong, Kyle “D.J. Kal” Lawrence, and Allen “Stevie Visionz” Hargrove. The group came up with the name ReKaSte, by combining the first two letters from each group members’ nickname. As music engineering technology majors from New York City, ReKaSte met on the campus of Hampton University. Producer Allen “Stevie Visionz” Hargrove creates an inspiring progression of chords that automatically sets the mood and/or motion for a track. D.J. Kal combines his style of percussion that ultimately gives the track the bounce that it needs. Producer Leaveil “Recipe” Armstrong finally brings forth a total musical aspect by creating fill-ins, instrumental layering, and complete arrangements for songs.  This in turn helps shape the final sound of an R.K.S track. Backed by Grandpa Productions, a Hampton, Va. based music production company, the group uses their eclectic backgrounds to merge alternative, hip-hop, jazz, pop and R&B to form a sound that can best be described as “hip-hop on ecstasy.

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