The Limelight: Are You in ‘The Circle’ ?

By Chris Swails

“We started The Circle in the summer of ‘09 to portray a sexier lifestyle brand that embodies the good life. The words Hampton grad and co-owner NorSchon Sheridan, almost sound like a mission statement. The Circle is a special events promotion brand for the young, fly and flashy. Partners Chris Conyers, Sheldon Thompson and NorSchon Sheridan have trail blazed their way across the south, hosting events in FL, GA, AL and VA. The company was started 3 years after the partners began promoting night-club entertainment.

Their most recent event was during MLK weekend, more than 1,400 people attended ‘Dare to Dream’ at the Norva in Norfolk, VA. Their next experience “I Plead the Fifth” will be in Miami, Florida from March 10th– 14th. The week kicks off at ‘Foreplay’ on Wednesday night at Club Play in South Beach, hosted by Uncle Luke. The Circle encourages springbreakers to lose their inhibitions and have a good time.

They’re planning the week with the top HBCU promoters from the south east: T-12 Entertainment, Hittsquad Ent., Young Kings Entertainment, K.I.S.S. Entertainment and Flymajor Entertainment. “We’re aiming to create an unforgettable ‘I Plead the Fifth’ brand that spring breakers can enjoy for years to come”. Follow them on twitter @miasprbreak2010. For updates on “I Plead the Fifth’, Follow @thecircleonline.

Special Shoutout to THETEAM.

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