Cultivate It: Ford Wants You To Have A “Fiesta” With Their New Movement

Ford Motor Company has unleashed a brash new campaign promoting their all new 2011 Ford Fiestas.

Titled the “Fiesta Movement”, the automobile maker has chosen trendy tastemakers from around the country to promote their new product.

I was invited to a private dinner to view the new vehicles where I met the “Fiesta Atlanta” team of Satchel Jester and Jana Hicks.

The pair can be spotted all over the city driving their new Fiesta and offering info on the five-door vehicle covered in “Lime Squeeze” paint and white polka dots that they share bi-weekly.

Ford’s Group Marketing Manager for Global Small and Midsize cars, Chantel Lenard, told the group in attendance that the Fiesta is aiming to compete with the Nissan Versa and the Toyota Yaris, not surprising considering its petite size.

I have to admit, while I was skeptical of the car’s size from the outside, the interior did not disappoint. The car can seat four people comfortably and has plenty of trunk space.

In addition to the car’s surprisingly spacious interior it offers state of the art features including voice activated music from your mp3 player, voice activated temperature control, even giving drivers the option of having mist distributed throughout the vehicle for a quick cool down.

Satchel described the car himself as a “party on wheels” even adding that it has a strobe light feature to really get the party started.

These fashionable new vehicles are set to be seen in music videos and events across the US and set a Guinness world record on Twitter during an unprecedented tweetup in anticipation of the vehicles.

If you haven’t already, check out Satchel and Jana, Atlanta’s ambassadors for the Fiesta movement

For more details on the ATL Fiesta movement click here.

What do you think?

Are you down with the movement?

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  1. This car is outstanding! I’ve seen it touring around town. Looks like it makes driving, even in Atlanta traffic FUN!!!!

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