Keep It 100: Hold up NFL, Saints FANS Own “Who Dat!”

By: Julian Ross

The New Orleans Saints going to their first ever Super Bowl has caused a lot of things to happen. Hell is currently freezing over and don’t be too surprised if Pork wings get added to the soul food menu once people start shooting down the newly flying pigs. It has also caused the NFL to FINALLY pay attention to some of the most loyal fans in sports history and try to make a cash grab from a depression and Katrina-stricken economy. All of a sudden, the NFL claims they own the phrase “Who Dat” and have sent cease-and-desist letters to many local T-shirt vendors.

3…2…1… <Rant>

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Keep It 100: Enjoy it While it Lasts

By: Kandace Barré

Why do we enter into a situation knowing that in a few months the situation will have to change due to circumstances?  Our thirst for fulfillment and companionship makes us initiate things that we should’ve never begun in the first place.  So what happens?  Continue reading

Keep it 100: Tiger Woods is a White Man

The pic says it all.


Keep it 100: Good Riddance Laguardia James


I’m going to keep this short and sweet. I can’t take this anymore, ‘Queen James’ If you want to go New York then skate! My city is tired of the constant disrespect that you show us. First Lebron shows up to an Indians/Yankees game proudly wearing the NY fitted IN CLEVELAND!


Then he throws game 6 of the conference finals against the Magic, two days later he speaks to the press with another damn NY hat on. All he had to was turn the hat backwards, we were already upset because he blew the game and afterwards left Mo Williams to speak for the entire team. Some MVP.

Last night was the stick that broke the camel’s back. After he preached a bunch of bull$*** about how we wont answer anymore free agent questions he steps on the hardwood wearing ‘NY-27’ sneakers celebrating their world series victory.


I know he is a Yankees fan but he doesn’t have to constantly taunt us. Fan or not, Lebron represents the city of Cleveland and personally I want him to leave. The way he is throwing NY in our faces he might as well have already signed the contract. I would rather the Cavs go back to being trash and to be constantly let down and disrespected time-and-time-again by the 2nd best player in the NBA.


GrandaddyDioR…[the real] 216 MVP

Keep it 100: Is Ursh Talking too Much?

By A.J. Washington



 Ah, how love goes awry so quickly!  This picture is one of my faves of the former couple; they appeared to be truly in love. Fast forward two years later, and he’s spilling the beans about their divorce like it’s not his business. After really listening to his “Papers” song this morning, I didn’t hear the same Usher- the vocalist that used to be, was nowhere to be found. He seemed too busy trying to tell us why his life was in shambles, to focus on the musicality of the song. I’m a huge Usher fan, I expect a lot from him. Anyways- what about the content? Will is new album, Raymond vs. Raymond, just be a play-by-play of his failed marriage? Do you think he’s putting his soon-to-be ex-wife Tameka Foster on blast with his song “Papers?” Or is he using his music as therapy for this difficult time in his life? Either way, I’m nosey, so I want to know what else he has to say about the matter. Many celebrities are always complaining about how they never have privacy, but yet have twitter accounts, blogs and create albums giving the public what they savagely seek.  So Keep It 100, is Usher doing too much?

Keep it 100: Get Off Miss HU’s Back Because…


This morning I turned on Russ Parr and all of a sudden my Alta Mater was mentioned. I started to get upset because they began to read twitter comments and most of them didn’t make any real sense. Therefore I was compelled to KEEP IT 100, yet again!

Look here, leave Miss HU the hell alone because first and foremost she won fair and square. Its not like she voted herself in, she was chosen therefore she must have met the necessary criteria. Yeah, I heard she attends the HU satellite campus in VA Beach…and what? Whats your point? Most people at Hampton are ‘out of the loop’ anyway, they only know a couple of faces and names.  I agree the letter to Obama was a little much but she is a young lady who won the top crown at a school full off upper class airheads. At least she hasn’t been spotted shoplifting, or have we forgotten that?  Y’all were the ones that let that sh*t slide, not me. So let me get this straight, if you shoot the fair one  your ‘out by 5’ but if you get caught stealing while serving as the face of Hampton University then nothing happens? The new Miss HU hasn’t defamed or misrepresented Hampton University in any way. Sometimes I cant stand some of my fellow Hamptonians because all you koons do is ‘watch and complain’ you never make any moves of your own, you only criticize. Flat out, at least she aint stealin’ so hop off!

Once more thing, screw BET ‘The Negro Channel’ for getting the headline completely wrong! She is not the homecoming queen she is Miss HU, you cunts!

GrandaddyDioR…c/0 2009

Keep it 100: Michael Steele Might as Well be White


Many people are shocked at the news of President Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize but there is a difference between criticism and flat-out hate, keep reading.

Here is a statement released by RNC Chairman Michael Steele:

“The real question Americans are asking is, what has President Obama actually accomplished? It is unfortunate that the president’s star power has outshined tireless advocates who have made real achievements working towards peace and human rights. One thing is certain: President Obama won’t be receiving any awards from Americans for job creation, fiscal responsiblity or backing up rhetoric with concrete action.”

Time for my 2 cents.

Now, doesn’t this seem like some classic black-on-black HATE. Michael Steele reminds me of those ‘coons’ that I’ve been stuck in school with since pre-K, mad because these new J’s look good on my feet and their kicks are speaking chinese. Michael Steele, man-up, try to build a following in another way, tell us your ideas and try to make a change instead of bringing down another established name. To Keep it all the way 100: if you run for ANY office, we WOULDN’T vote for you because you are a jealous man.We all know that you have a personal beef with Obama because he is popular and you’re not, but don’t go out your way to make another black man look bad, you’re only hurting yourself. The worst part is, in the mist of all that garbage Steele said, he did not once stop to congratulate another black man for  receiving such a prestigious honor, SMH. I am proud to be an American right now, I congratulate our President for winning this award. Unlike Michael Steele, I’m thinking about the children and the excellent example that President Obama is setting for them to follow.

GrandaddyDioR..fighting to rid the world of all haters! SMG

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