SMG’s Wish List: TMNT Blimp

Listen people, I have a confession…I’m 22 years-old and I still have a chip on my shoulder. For years I’ve always wanted the original TMNT blimp. It’s the point where I would buy it today if it was available in stores. The Christmas spirit has the power to unleash the kid in all of us, I guess this just another testament to the fact. So Santa please bring me this gift so I can get on with my life.

Check it out on ebay, the bid starts at $30.00



SMG’s Wish List: Skip It

As we grow older, less emphasis should be put on what’s under the tree, and more focus put into small items that can bring joy. My joy comes in the form toys that I have lost, broken, or never received as a child. For five weeks now I have wanted to wrap my ankle on a Skip It. Yes, Skip It, the ball on on a plastic string that wraps around your ankle. Put one ankle in the Skip It, and hop over the string as many times possible without tripping. Don’t worry if you loose track of how many times you skip over the string, there’s a counter on the Skip It ball!

Skip It may be difficult to find in your local retailer because it is an 80’s toy, but online sites such as have it listed from $30-60 depending on the brand. So you may get a crazy stare if neighbors see a 21+ aged person outside playing Skip It, but everyone has to evoke the kid in them sometimes.

By: Sarah J

SMG’s Wish List: Barbie Power Wheels Convertible

By: Aisha Brown

Photo courtesy of

If the hands of time were rewind  fifteen years ago Barbie Power Wheels Convertible would’ve been at the top of my Christmas list. The summer of  ’94 was when I first laid eyes on my cousin’s mini convertible sitting alone in the garage. The pink, sparkly life-size car captured my attention and I knew I had to have it.  After countless arguments with my cousin on who’s turn to drive, I knew it was time for my own. Being from the city, I would imagine myself cruising along the city streets, honking the horn at side street walkers with a friend in the passenger seat, pretending to be listening to music.

The following Christmas, I was looking forward to seeing my convertible with a big bow waiting for me under the tree, but to my disappointment it wasn’t there.  My mother later explained to me the toy was entirely too big for our apartment and Santa couldn’t find a place to store it. My dreams were crushed and until this day the little girl inside me still wants one.

With Christmas quickly approaching the Power Wheels Convertible is the perfect gift for a little princess. The convertible comes fully equipped with size view mirrors, a pretend radio, beeping horn, engine sounds, cup holders and a sleek design to match.  The real driving fun is one experience a child will never forget.

For more information on Barbie Power Wheels Convertible please visit:

SMG’s Wish List: Christian Louboutin Shoes

by A.J. Washington

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Ahhhh Christian, Christian, Christian, why taunt us regular folk with your beautiful shoes? In a land far, far away called Hollywood, there once was a year called 2009, and on every fair maiden who could afford them, wore them: Louboutins. This year was indeed the year of Christian Louboutin. Every fashionable girl from Beyonce, Rihanna, Sarah Jessica Parker, Eva Longoria, the Kardashians, some girl from Glee, Ashley Tisdale, Halle Berry, Oprah–well you get the picture.

Perhaps its the shoe’s alluring and signature red bottoms that scream “hey you over there–yea you, look at my expensive shoes!” that have women (and men) drawn to the shoe. Everyone’s favorite rapper, Jay-Z, put it best in his song, “I Know” with this line, “I am so DOPE/Like Louboutins with the red bottoms/You gotta have ’em, you glad you got ’em.”

image from

The beauty of Louboutin is its versatility for all age groups, yes, you have the 6 inch monsters as pictured above, but for the sporty granny who still wants to get her Louboutin-on, check these puppies out:

Louboutin has it all, from the “I’m the head-b**ch in- charge- around here” office shoes, to the “I’m wearing these tonight for my man, so I can get another pair tomorrow” shoes.

Ok, let’s get down to business, the cheapest pair I’ve seen were for around $700, and the highest, about $3,000, for a custom-made shoe. I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but they’re not THAT expensive, if you have the budget for it.

Since I’m an adult now ( it’s a love/hate relationship), I’ve made a promise to myself that every birthday, I’ll buy something for me that no one else will; like a pair of Louboutins. So if you’re in Atlanta on November 15, 2010, SCREAM AT ME AND MY NEW CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTINS!

So congrats Mr. Louboutin on making the Status Wish List. I’m secretly hoping that somewhere over in Pairs, he’s reading my story and sending me a pair…right… NOW…

SMG’s Wish List: Addy, the American Girl

By: Tiffani Haynes

I thought about a million things I’ve always wanted for Christmas, and while many came to mind, none ranked higher than the Addy, the American Girl doll.

Yes, I said it. A doll. If I opened a gift on Thursday and that little mocha-complexioned doll with her Civil War-era clothes waslooking back at me, I’d be more than happy. I’ve always wanted that doll.

The Addy doll is modeled after Addy Walker, the American Girl. She’s the fifth member in the American Girl series and the only African-American in it. Addy’s story of escaping slavery, leaving her infant sister behind, traveling the Underground Railroad, finding freedom, learning to read and meeting new friends was captivating. Of course all that didn’t happen in the first book but throughout the several books, you couldn’t help but fall in love with Addy’s story.

Simply put, I loved that little post-slavery, pre-perm little girl. She wasn’t the most stylish or hippest thing out, but hell, she was living and learning during the 1800s. And I loved the story for it. I had all the books and magazines, only thing I was missing was the Addy doll.

Bump Barbie, Addy was the It doll for me.

Check out the American Girl site to buy the Addy books, doll and accessories:

SMG’s Wish List: Amazon’s Original Wireless Reading Device, Kindle

by: Randi M.

Click image for source.

If you like to read but get tired of carrying books all of the time, then this device is for you. Amazon has created an electronic reading device that allows you to download books called the Kindle Reader. With the high-resolution screen, it looks like you are reading right from the pages of a book. And it only weighs 10.3 ounces, which is perfect for people that are on the go. No cords or cables are needed to download books, because everything is synced wirelessly. There are over 650,000 books to choose from, and the device holds up to 200 titles. Amazon even allows you to download the first few chapters for free to decide if you really want the book. Now this reading device runs about $259.00.  And it has a long lasting battery life. Documents can also be emailed to your Kindle Reader for on-the-go convenience. I know this sounds a little like an advertisement, but I really want this item. I am a big book reader, and this is a great gift for anyone.

SMG’s Wish List: MacBook Pro

By: Tiffani Haynes

My HP PC just isn’t doing it for me anymore. The sound doesn’t work, the Internet randomly shuts down, my power button doesn’t work and I live in fear that I’ll get the “Blue Screen of Death.”

It’s time to send my PC to the Computer Gods in the Sky and join the Mac team. That’s why my SMG Wish List item is  Apple’s almighty MacBook Pro.

The MacBook Pro has dual processors, 2 GBs of RAM, a 160 GB hard drive, screen size of up to 17″ and impeccable clarity. It’s great for graphic design, Photoshop and other graphic skills.

But aside from the computer being a really well-made computer with outstanding software, it’s sooo cute.

TO put it midly, a PC has nothing on a Mac. And I just HAVE to have one.