Status Profile: Lisa Salters

By Melva N. Lloyd

For years, the sports world has been a pirmarily male-dominated arena – both on and off the court or field.  Sure, the WNBA has gained popularity and reconigition since the first game tipped off in 1997 and Venus and Serena have brought a new meaning to the term tennis racket, but outside of female athletes, sports announcers/broadcasters/reporters all seem to sound the same.

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Most sports fanatics can pick Marv Albert or Mike Breen’s voice out of a crowd of thousands and even they sound similar.  But for those of us (women) who like to watch football or basketball as much as the next guy, it has been harder to relate to a television personality who shares the same interest in sports.

For me, I’ve always admired Tina Cervasio, Heather Cox and even Cheryl Miller, and if you aren’t familiar with those names, you might want to utilize Google.  But over the past ten years, a seemingly “new” face emerged in the sports reporting world; Lisa Salters.

A Penn State alum with a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism, Alisia Salters was born and raised in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. During her time as a college student, she played guard for the Penn State Lady Lions from 1986-87, where she holds the distinction as being the shortest player in the schools history – standing tall at 5’2″. 

Flash forward to 2000 and Salters finds herself as a member of the ESPN team where she started as a general assingment reporter and has worked her way up the professional totem pole, serving as a sideline reporter for Saturday Night Football and lead sideline reporter for the NBA on ABC.

But her accomplishments don’t stop there, Salters is a featured correspondant on ESPN’s E:60 and she was even nominated for a Sports Emmy Award for Ray of Hope – a story about Jason Ray, an organ donor and UNC’s mascot who died during the NCAA Tournament after he was hit by a car before a game.

 The forty-four year old hasn’t always reported solely on sports-related events.  While she has covered the murder trials of both O.J. Simpson and Rae Carruth, Salters was an LA-based correspondant for ABC’s World News Tonight with Peter Jennings, reporting on the Oklahoma City Bombing and the crash of TWA Flight 800.

As an aspiring sideline reporter, it always encourages me to see women, especially women of color, thriving in such a competitive field.  From Lisa Salters to Sage Steele, they took their passion for sports to the next level and bring a smile to work everyday while doing so.

Be sure to check out Lisa Salters during this years’ NBA Playoffs on ABC, ESPN, ESPN2 and TNT.


Status Profile: Maya Angelou

by: Randi M.

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Being that April is celebrated as National Poetry Month, I felt it befitting to do a profile feature on Maya Angelou. Plus the legend just celebrated her 82nd birthday on the fourth of this month. The lyrical icon was

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Status Profile: Sylvia Rhone

Sylvia Rhone defied the definition of “working woman” since her days in college. Born in raised in Harlem, NY, Sylvia Rhone attended Wharton School and majored in Economics. Rhone traded in her business skirts for dress pants and left corporate America to pursue her passion for the music industry and in 1988 she became the Vice President of Atlantic Records. She became the first black woman to head a major US record label, and in 1990 she advanced as CEO of Atlantic division Eastwest Records, heading acts like En Vogue and Missy Elliott.

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Status Profile: R. Donahue Peebles

by A.J. Washington  

Doesn’t his name sound like he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth? Well he wasn’t, but somehow he managed to land in the top 10 on Forbes Magazine‘s wealthiest African-American list. That’ big– Like Oprah, Micheal Jordan, Tiger Woods big. In fact, Peebles is one of the few in the top ten to have not earned his millions through the entertainment or sports business.  

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R. Donahue Peebles is an incredible real estate mogul. At only 50 years old, Peebles is worth over $350 million– a figure he has earned in his lifetime, this isn’t old Hilton or Rockefeller money we’re talking about. His company, The Peebles Corporation is worth $4 billion dollars, with undergoing ventures currently in process. After attending college for one year at Rutgers University, Peebles dropped out of school and left for his native Washington, D.C., to begin his real estate career.  

At 24, Mayor Marion Berry appointed Peebles chairman of the city’s Board of Real Property Assessments and Appeals; making him the youngest ever to serve as chairman on any board in Washington history. In 1983, Peebles used his natural instincts and founded RDP corporation, a residential and commercial real estate appraisal firm. In the 27 years since then, Peebles has expanded from just appraising, to owning, high-end offices buildings, and residential properties; mostly in Washington, Miami Beach, San Francisco and Las Vegas.  

He is an avid supporter of mentoring teenagers to show them the importance of entrepreneurship. R. Donahue Peebles is now a top-selling author, CNN real-estate analyst and currently serves on President Obama’s National Finance Committee.

Status Profile: What’s Wrong With Third Place?

The Forbes 400 richest Americans of 2009 list ranks Lawrence Ellison 65, at a solid number 3 spot with a net worth of $28 billion. Larry Ellison is the sixth most richest man in the world.

Ellison along with colleagues, Robert Miner and Edward Oates founded the Oracle company in 1977 after working on a database project for the CIA.

According to, Oracle is the world’s leading supplier of software for information management, and the world’s second largest independent software company.

The Oracle company is a titan in the database software and server industry with a market cap of $126 billion. In addition to Oracle, Ellison has acquired 57 companies in the last 5 years. The most recent purchase was Sun Microsystems in January 2010 for $7.4 billion. Ellison also owns 52% of the of the business software company Netsuite.


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Status Profile: A Special CEO

American Express Chairman and CEO, Kenneth Chenault is more than just your average New Yorker. Chenault happens to be one of only four Black CEO’s, of a Fortune 500 company. He grew up in Long Island, New York. His father Hortenius Chenault was a dentist and his mother Anne Quick was a dental hygienist.

Chenault earned a Bachelors of Arts degree at Bowdoin College in 1973 and a Juris Doctor degree at Harvard University Law School in 1976. After working for a law firm and a management consulting firm, he took a job with AMEX in 1981. In 1997, Chenault was appointed as the COO and President of AMEX. By 2001 he would become the Chairman and CEO.

Chenault demonstrated the extent of his leadership abilities following the September 11th attacks. The outcome of this tragedy lead to AMEX losing 11 employees and substantial damage to the headquarters building. The American Express company’s one-time thriving travel business slowed in the following years. AMEX responded by creating new offerings and targeting special markets such as small businesses.



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Status Profile: Marc H. Morial

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