Tech Topic: iPad – Are You Getting One?

Apple iPadThe much awaited and debated Apple iPad hits stores tomorrow. Will you be getting one?


Tech Topic: School Spying On Students At HOME!

By: Julian Ross

Imagine your school has this awesome new initiative that involves everyone receiving a 15″ MacBook Pro for free. Think of all the work you would get done on it, and the fun you would have doing it. Now think about that same laptop watching you in your sleep…

Kinda kills the awesome part. Just makes it… creepy.

Well that is EXACTLY what has happened in a Pennsylvania school. Harriton High School in the Lower Merion school district is where this truly wild story has been unfolding since February 18th. So here’s the rundown, stay with me. Continue reading

Tech Topic: Twitter Explained

By: Julian Ross

Just like Facebook did a few years ago, Twitter is becoming a part of our everyday lives. Every business, musician or person whose “with it” has and uses a Twitter account. (Follow @Status_Media on Twitter!) But why? Whats the point? I’ll give my best explanation, some ideal use-cases and address the topic I see the most people struggle with, privacy.

Twitter defines itself as

“…a real-time information network powered by people all around the world that lets you share and discover what’s happening now.”

Twitter asks its users “Whats happening?” (Until a few months ago, the prompt was “What are you doing?” but after seeing how people were using the service, they felt the current prompt was more fitting.) and essentially all of twitter is are answers to that question. In reality, it’s a giant public chat room, where anyone can talk about whatever they like. Anyone who was using the internet when AOL was the cool ISP to have probably remember what a complete and utter mess chat rooms were, especially ones that didn’t have a  very specific topic. Thankfully, Twitter has improved on that formula in a few important ways. Continue reading