The Rumor Mill: Are We In Store for Men in Black 3?

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It looks like Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones will be coming together once more to make Men in Black 3. It is even rumored the movie will be in 3D. Comlumbia Pictures announced that this sci-fi flick will hit theaters May 25, 2012.

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Rumor Mill: Sandra Bullock Announces Adoption

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Oscar Award winning actress, Sandra Bullock, is covering People Magazine that drops this Friday. On the cover with her is her 3 month old son, Louis Bardo Bullock. Bullock said she brought home her New Orleans born son in January. She has been in the spotlight not only for her Oscar win for The Blind Side, but also for her major split from Jesse James. In this issue of People, Bullock also talks about how she filed for divorce.  Her son is too adorable.

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The Rumor Mill: Could They Be A New Couple?

by: Randi M.

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Rumors are circulating that Jamie Foxx and Stacey Dash are a new couple. Dash claimed on Foxx’s XM radio station that her latest husband is pretty much out the door. It seems the “Blame It” singer is stepping in to bring that Spring love. According to BV, Foxx announced that the “Clueless” actress was getting her own show on his station Foxxhole XM 149. And he claimed they were going on a date, but didn’t say if it was a romantic one. We will have to stay tuned on this one.


The Rumor Mill: 1 of Tiger’s Ladies Got Preggers Twice

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One of Tiger Woods’ many mistresses claims that she got pregnant by the golfer twice. Porn star Joslyn James claims that the first time she got pregnant by Woods, she miscarried the day she was going to tell him. James said the second time Woods impregnated her was around the time his wife, Elin, was having their son. So Joslyn aborted the second pregnancy claiming, “I just didn’t want to ruin anything.”

James is saying her affair with Woods lasted from 2006 to 2009. During their 3 year interaction, James said protection was never a discussion.

Am I the only one who things this man needs to hit up Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew?


The Rumor Mill: Cruz to Star In Next Pirates of the Caribbean

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It is being rumored that Penelope Cruz will star in the next Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. Not many details of the film have been released, and that also goes for the role Cruz will be playing. But we do know Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightly will not be in this one.

In The News: Warren Sapp Arrested

by: Randi M.

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Football player and Dancing With The Stars Season 7 contestant, Warren Sapp was arrested yesterday in Miami for attacking his girlfriend. According to OMG, Sapp’s girlfriend, of two years, called the police at noon to report the assault that happened at 5a.m. The victim was treated for bruising on her neck and swelling around her knee at Mount Sinai Medical Center.

The girlfriend told police that her and Sapp were arguing in their Miami hotel, and Sapp choked her and threw her on the couch. Sapp says he was helping her off of the couch when she fell back and injured her leg.

Sapp was in Miami serving as a Super Bowl correspondent for the NFL Network. However, after the incident, Sapp was let go of his duties.

The Rumor Mill: Is Verizon joining team Iphone?

By: Aisha Brown

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As we all may know AT&T is the exclusive carrier of the Iphone, but with AT&T and Apple’s contract ending in June, rumors say Verizon has dibs on being the next carrier of the popular phone.  According to research firm OTR Global, consumers should see a Verizon Wireless iPhone in the third quarter of 2010.  The firm also mentioned that Apple is now working on a “worldmode” iPhone, which will then make it compatible to work with Verizon’s CDMA network. Currently the Iphone is only configured to operate with AT&T’s GSM standard. Sources claim Verizon’s debut Iphone will have a smaller screen of 2.8 inches compared to the current iPhone’s 3.5-inch display. However, Verizon nor Apple has officially confirm their partnership. Status Media will keep you updated on Verizon Iphone news.