New Vids – Trey Songz + C.Brown + Ludacris + Romeo

Trey Songz premiered the new video for his song “Yo Side of the Bed.” Keri Hilson plays Songz wife.

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Chris Brown is not playing around in his new video for “No Bull****.” The song is from Breezy’s In My Zone mixtape released back in February.

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LimeLight: C. Breezy Spreading Love

Chris Brown is preparing to spread some love with a new mixtape called In My Zone. The 32 track mixtape hosted by DJ Drama will feature Chris remixes to popular songs (r&b, pop, and hip-hop) and also original material. Chris says the mixtape will feature “some stuff for the ladies,” as he is working on a version of Trey Songz “Invented Sex”, but Breezy’s track will be titled “Invented Head.”

In My Zone mixtape hits the web on February 14… ( :

By: Sarah J

LimeLight: Album Review-Chris Brown “Graffiti”

A turmoiled filled year is finally reaching a turning point for Chris Brown. As his Fan Appreciation Tour is selling out in cities, and his image is beginning to repair, Chris is back with a new album, Graffiti. The third album from Brown, is being held to high standards given the assault situation with Rihanna. Many feel Chris should have an album complete with “Sorry and I Love you’s” while others think he should go back to his musical roots of “pop/r&b” mixture. What many critics fail to do is separate Brown’s personal situations from the music. Separating the life issues from the music, Chris Brown’s Graffiti is an applasauble effort. The cd features 13 tracks (1 bouns track), offering a array of pop, r&B, club, and slow songs. Chris Brown assisted in writing more than 1/2 of the tracks on the album. The tracks are not ideally placed as it starts with the Swizz Beatz produced single “I Can Transform Ya” and jumps into the pop ballad “Sing Like Me.” Chris then ventures into the powerful second single “Crawl” and follows-up with Polow Da Don produced track “So Cold,” where Chris sings “Tell her I’m sorry, I’m really sorry, Can you forgive me? Please forgive me.” After pleading his heart, Chris jumps into the club track “What I Do” featuring Plies, as he boasts about his celeb status and money. Ryan Leslie produced one of the most attention grabbing tracks, “Famous Girl” which is clearly aimed at Rihanna as Chris sings “You were first to play the game though/Sorry I bust the windows out your car/I might have cheated in the beginning/I was wrong for writing Disturbia.” Chris slows the tempo to sexy mode on Tha Bizness produced track “Take My Time.” Reverting to 80’s inspiried ryhtms on the song “I.Y.A.”, Chris expressed feelings of wanting a relationship as he states, “There’s nobody else I’d rather be with/I wanna wake up in your arms.”

The up-tempo club track “Pass Out” is a more advanced version of “Forever” from the Exclusive album. The track is produced by Brian Kennedy and features Eva Simons. Chris continues the club songs with “Wait,” a Polow Da Don produced track feaurting Trey Songz and The Game. “Lucky Me” is a statement to listeners of how draining the entertainment industry has been on Chris’s heart and mind as he sings “Lucky Me, I gotta pose for the camera’s even when my worlds falling down I still wear a smile/Lucky Me, even though I’m so damaged/Gotta pick myself up and perform for the crowd.” The heavy tracks continue with “Falling Down” as Chris seems to express more of his hardships, seemingly trying to evoke pity as he sings, “why is so easy for you to blame/I’m only human we’re on the same.” Chris closes the cd with “I’ll Go,” another love statement song as Chris offers to venture to any extreme for his love. Bonus track “Girlfriend” featuring Lupe Fiasco is a lost effort on the album as Chris just states “he doesn’t want your girlfriend.”

Graffiti is not near the great level of music Chris reached with “Exclusive,” but it does offer good variation of tracks and certain tracks show the musical progression of Breezy. Aside from the terrible track placement leaving listeners lost as to what emotion the cd is aiming toward, Graffiti should offer fans at least 5 tracks they can keep in constant rotation. Graffiti and the Graffiti Deluxe Edition (with 6 bonus tracks) are available December 8 at all participating retailers or visit Chris Brown World to order a copy.

Sounds Like: 3.5 out of 5

Tracks 2 Check For: So Cold, Take My Time, Famous Girl, Sing Like Me

By: Sarah J

The Limelight: Music Alert-Chris Brown “Graffiti” Leaks

Several songs form Chris Brown’s new album “Graffiti” hit the web today. “Famous Girl” produced by the Neptunes is a direct hit at Rihanna, and “Wait” featuring Trey Songz is another Polow Da Don banger. “Take My Time” featuring Tank is a certified slow grind jam, produced by Tha Bizness. Listen to “Take My Time” below…

Visit MTV for the exclusive, full album listen of Chris Brown’s “Graffiti”.

By: Sarah J

In The News: Chris Brown Was In Court Today

by: Randi M.


Image from Chris Brown's Twitter Page



Breezy was in a courtroom today, but it was for his probation officials to report to the judge about his good behavior. Officials said Chris Brown has been “extremely favorable” so far. Brown has to report periodically for progress reports for his 5 year probation sentence for beating his ex Rihanna. His next progress report is for Feb. 18th. Brown also has to serve 6 months of community service and go to counseling. The trial lasted less than 10 minutes.

The Limelight: Chris Brown’s “Crawl”

By Melva N. Lloyd

Check out Chris Brown’s new video for his latest single, “Crawl” which features singer/model Cassie as his leading lady.  Chris Brown’s third studio album Graffiti hits stores and iTUNES on December 8th.

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The Limelight: New Music Alert-C.Brown “Sing Like Me”

Chris Brown released his new song “Sing Like Me” today via Twiter (while his 3rd interview about the Rihanna incident was on 106&Park). “Sing Like Me” will be the 3rd single off the Graffiti album, slated for release December 18. Listen below…

By: Sarah J