Status 10: Keri Hilson’s Perfect World

keri1If Beyonce ever decided to retire, the number one spot for female R&B artist would be quickly filled by Keri Hilson. Her career has catupalted in the past two years from behind the scenes writer, to a R&B sensation. Hilson’s career begin in 2001 as a writer for artist such as Britney Spears, Omarion, and Danity Kane. In 2006 Keri begin making several vocal features on songs such as Lloyd Banks “Help” and Timbaland’s “Scream.” With a growing industry presence and connections, Hilson became apart of ZONE 4 Inc. headed by super producer Polow Da Don and in 2007, Hilson signed with Timbaland’s label The Mosley Group in 2007. With Timbalanad and Polow behind her, Keri put her skills to the test and recorded her debut album “In A Perfect World.” The album debuted at #4 on Billboard 200 and #1 on R&B/Hip-Hop charts. While her singles “Knock Me Down” and “Turning Me On” were becoming favorites of BillBoard 100 and radio, Hilson was taking the industry by storm and being recognized as a triple threat of talent.

The new video for Keri’s fifth single “Slow Dance” offers an emerging side of Hilson as her image is transforming from a sweet singing Georgia Girl to a sultry R&B icon. Watch her new video below….

With a slew of writing credits, award shows, and an album under her belt, Hilson has almost mastered the music industry in less than fiveKeri Hilson years. Keri encountered some controversy on the remix to “Turning Me On” where the lyrics implied a diss aimed at Ciara and Beyonce. In spite of the record, Hilson has remained highly favored in this industry for her talent and style and if she continues the combination of writing credits and vocal accomplishments on songs, she will remain a top artist in this industry. This just might be her perfect world….

By: Sarah Hall


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